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Car Transport Insurance

Not sure which car transport insurance to purchase? Auto Transport Professionals will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing to transport your vehicle by truck rather than driving it long distance when you move is convenient, but without car transport insurance, you could be on the hook for expensive repairs if something goes wrong. Here, the pros from Auto Transport Professionals explain the basics of this kind of insurance policy.

The Three Types of Insurance for Transporting Cars

Reputable auto transport companies work hard to keep customer vehicles safe during loading, transport, and unloading, but things don’t always go as planned. An insurance policy helps ensure you can repair or replace a stolen or damaged car, but understanding your coverage isn’t always straightforward. This is in part because several types of insurance cover vehicle transportation.

Customer Insurance

This is your personal auto insurance policy that protects you while driving. It also extends to any damage or theft during transport when the car isn’t in your possession. You don’t have to have personal insurance to ship a vehicle.

Carrier Insurance

The carrier, or the company transporting the vehicle, must have liability insurance to cover damage or losses on the vehicles they transport. Most companies include a basic level of insurance coverage in the initial quote. Avoid any company that will not provide proof of this coverage.

Broker Insurance

Brokers do not actually transport the cars but contract with other companies to move vehicles around the country. As such, they don’t provide insurance for transporting cars, but they may offer supplemental coverage from a third-party insurance company that you can purchase separately.

Securing Insurance for Transporting a Car

Before you sign a contract with an auto transport company, do some homework about car transport insurance. Start by calling your auto insurance company to confirm your existing coverage and determine whether there are any gaps. Ask about any policy restrictions; for example, your insurance policy may not cover damage due to Acts of God like earthquakes or tornadoes while your car is in transit.

Also, confirm coverage with the transportation carrier, and get clarification on what the insurance does and doesn’t cover. Request a certificate of insurance that includes the coverage and insurance company details, and get everything related to the service and insurance in writing before signing the contract.

Pre and Post-Shipment Inspections

Before loading your car onto the truck, thoroughly inspect it to identify any pre-existing damage or issues and document the vehicle’s condition. When the car arrives at the destination, conduct another inspection before signing the bill of lading. Once you sign that document, you cannot seek reimbursement for any damage, so document any new damage and contact the carrier or broker about addressing it before you sign.

Choose Auto Transport Professionals for Reliable Car Transport

When you need to move a vehicle long distance, trust Auto Transport Professionals for a stress-free experience. We include car transport insurance in every quote and take care to deliver every vehicle in the same condition in which we receive it. Call us at (239) 259-8198 or request a quote online.


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