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Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes to transport your vehicle varies based on several factors including total miles traveled. It can range from 1-2 days for short-haul transport and up to 7-10 days for cross-country transports. Once a truck carrier has been assigned we will provide the actual pickup day and time along with an estimated delivery date. As we get closer to the day of delivery we will communicate the actual drop time window.

Yes, we can guarantee a specific pickup and/or delivery dates. This guarantee will require additional fees to ensure the required dates are met. The majority of our transports are picked up and delivered in the window of times that our customers are willing to accept. If time is of the essence, we can deliver in the dates required.

Yes! While we typically recommend customers provide a 3-day window or more, we can expedite the service to a one-day pickup for an additional charge. However, keep in mind that picking up the vehicle does not necessarily mean it will be placed on the carrier that same day.

You may either pay a deposit before pickup by major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) and pay the remaining balance COD to the driver upon deliver or pay the full amount before pickup and we will pay the driver.

Not necessarily. Customers paying Cash On Delivery (COD) will be charged a small percentage by credit or debit card the day before pickup. Keep in mind if you are planning to pay COD, it must be done by cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Yes. You won’t have to spend long hours in front of a computer or on the phone weeding through auto transport services and hoping they live up to the promises they make. Auto Transport Professionals works as your personal agent, contracting from a long list of professional US auto carriers with a strong reputation with their clients. This allows us to deliver the best price without sacrificing the peace of mind that comes with quality service. We work within a network of bonded & insured carriers that includes a self-rating systems that ensure only the best carriers are selected.

It’s always important to plan ahead. We recommend contacting us to help you make plans 2-4 weeks prior to your first available ship date. When planning, always factor in a 3-4-day window for pickup. Should you have any questions, our agents are happy to answer them.

Yes. We make it easy for your customers by only offering door-to-door pickup and delivery services. In the event you live in a gated community or in a rural area that is difficult for our carriers to maneuver, we will get as close to your door as safely and legally as possible.

Open transport is the most common vehicle shipping method. A vehicle on this is exposed to outside elements such as rain, sun, dust, etc. It is a safe and secure way of transporting your vehicle. New cars are delivered to dealers by open trailer.

Enclosed transport is often desired for owners of collector cars and used for classic, luxury, vintage, custom and sports cars. The vehicle is not exposed to weather elements and flying objects and prevents possible rock chips. The costs for an enclosed carrier is roughly 50% higher than for an open carrier for a vehicle or only 15% higher for a motorcycle.

No, covers on vehicles in transit is not permitted by any auto transport service, as covering your vehicle while it is in transit is against the law. It also poses additional risks both to your vehicle and others on the road.

There are only a few things that need to be done prior to your car’s pickup. However, it is very important that you complete them properly:

  1. Clean your car of all personal items (registration and insurance can remain in the glove box. These are the only exceptions). Do not include medical supplies.
  2. Limit the vehicle to approximately a quarter of a tank of gas.
  3. Provide the driver keys to the vehicle upon pickup.

Yes. The first 100 pounds is “free” and included in the cost of your vehicle shipment. Any additional weight will need to be included in the cost of the transport. In the event your personal items need to be placed in the back seat, they are required to be below window level.

While we can request a specific spot on the truck as your preference, we cannot make any guarantees. It’s important to note that all convertibles and oversized vehicles are loaded on the top rack.

Yes. Your driver or dispatcher will reach out within 24 hours prior to delivery to confirm the time frame and location. They will also advise you to meet him at a designated location if your vehicle cannot be delivered directly to your home due to local weight restrictions, low-hanging branches, narrow streets, or difficulty navigating your neighborhood streets.

It is imperative that you or a designated friend/coworker/family member must be present upon the vehicle’s arrival. If you are unavailable or cannot be reached at the time of your vehicle’s delivery, it may be dropped off at a terminal, which comes with a drop fee, plus any additional storage fees that must be paid prior to receiving your vehicle.

All of our carriers are fully ensured and have a deductible that will absorb the costs should damage occur during transit. It’s important to inspect your vehicle and make note of any damage upon receipt—not after! Take pictures, if possible, and obtain at least two estimates on what it would cost to repair the damage. You can then submit this information to the carrier who helped ship your car, with an ATTN to Claims. We can and will help you facilitate this process as much as possible. However, please note it is up to the carrier to honor or deny your claim.

The option to cancel a shipping order is available at any time, at no cost and with no cancellation fee, as long as the order has not yet been dispatched to a Carrier. Our services are considered rendered when a Carrier is assigned to an order. The cancellation needs to be submitted in writing to dispatch@autotransportprofessionals.com per our Cancellation Policy. In the event you need to cancel and the truck carrier has been dispatched, you will forfeit your original deposit up to $175.00.

In the event you are not 100% satisfied with Auto Transport Professionals services prior to a truck carrier being dispatched, ATP will refund 100% of your monies.