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Types of Car Trailers for Shipping Vehicles

Types of Car Trailers for Shipping Vehicles

Transferring a vehicle from one point to the next requires a type of shipping your local post office can’t handle. Many vehicle owners hire a professional service specializing in using trailers for car transport to ensure the safe, secure delivery of a vehicle between locations. If you want to transport your vehicle without having to drive it, use this short guide to learn more about car shipping trailers.

The Difference Between Open and Enclosed Car Carriers

Your first decision consists of choosing an open or enclosed car carrier. As the name suggests, an open car carrier has no walls or ceiling, leaving your vehicle to the mercy of weather and potential road dangers. However, these conditions hold similarities with driving your vehicle on the road, so for a simple transfer this option stands out as best.

Enclosed car trailers often cost more, but they protect your car during the transfer, preventing bad weather and road dust from affecting your car. Besides guaranteeing a safer and cleaner arrival, enclosed trailers protect your car from curious eyes and hands when the driver stops to gas up or catch a few hours of rest. These benefits make enclosed trailers a good option for car owners with antique or high-value vehicles.

Types of Car Transport Trailers

Regardless of whether you choose an open or enclosed trailer, your vehicle will end up on one of these types of trailers:

1. Single-Level, Single-Vehicle Trailers

Single-level, single-vehicle trailers only have enough room for one car. Single-car carrier trailers often weigh lightly enough that a dually truck outfitted with a bumper pull or gooseneck trailer hook-up. Most single-level, single-vehicle trailers transfer high-dollar vehicles like vintage cars.

2. Single-Level, Multi-Vehicle Trailers

Shipping a vehicle in a single-level, multi-vehicle trailer reduces gas costs and makes for a more environmentally friendly shipping option. Multiple car carrier transports require a semi-truck with enough power to pull thousands of pounds of vehicles.

3. Multi-Level, Multi-Vehicle Trailers

When you think of professional vehicle transportation, you probably picture the open, multi-level, multi-vehicle trailers for car transport. These familiar sights often contain up to six to eight vehicles, making an open multi-level trailer one of the most eco-friendly options for car transportation.

An enclosed multi-level, multi-car trailer costs more than an open trailer. Enclosures come in soft-sided, vinyl covers or hard sides like a typical trailer.

Professional Car Transportation With Auto Transport Professionals

Whether you’re moving to a far-off location or want to guarantee safe delivery of a specialty vehicle to an auto show, a professional car transportation company can handle it for you. During the transfer, the team loading your vehicle follows stringent guidelines to ensure the safety and security of your car. In case of an accident, your vehicle falls under the company’s insurance and will cover the cost of your car should it become damaged or destroyed under their care.

When you need a company with reliable trailers for car transport, call Auto Transport Professionals at (239) 259-8198.


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