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Vehicles You Can Move with a Florida Auto Transport Service

Vehicles You Can Move with a Florida Auto Transport Service

Car shipping companies haul hundreds of vehicles across the state of Florida every day, but have you ever wondered which types of vehicles they can transport? Knowing what a Florida auto transport service does can help you when deciding to ship a car

Different Types of Transportable Vehicles

An auto transport company might transfer multiple types of vehicles between major cities, dealerships, and other specific locations. If it has wheels and an engine, it’s transportable. The kinds of vehicles you can load onto a carrier include the following:

  • Cars: Coupes, sedans, crossovers, convertibles, hatchbacks, SUVs, etc.
  • Trucks: Box trucks, pickups, semis, dump trucks, flatbeds, etc.
  • Vans: Minivans, step vans, sprinters, panel vans, etc.
  • Motorcycles: Cruisers, touring bikes, off-roaders, tricycles, dual-purpose motorcycles, etc.
  • Antiques and exotics: Supercars, hypercars, classics, etc.

The Types of Transport Trailers

When you reach out to a Florida auto transport service to get help moving your car, you’ll be able to discuss shipping options. Companies that haul vehicles typically have multiple transporters on hand for various assignments. For example, one might work well for heavy vehicles, while another is ideal for collector cars.

Transport trailers fall under two main categories: open and enclosed. Open trailers are the most popular type, being the most affordable and efficient option. However, open carriers can expose vehicles to flying debris, dust, rain, wind, and other weather conditions.

Enclosed carriers keep the cars and personal belongings more secure, but they’re often more expensive.

Let’s take a look at four different types of open and enclosed transporters you could use to ship your vehicle.

One-Vehicle Trailers

Some trailers only have room for one vehicle. These specially designed single-vehicle hotshots are compact and have low clearance, so drivers can take the car to places where a large carrier might get stuck. Since the company is moving a single vehicle, it can give that vehicle its full attention to ensure safe travel from point A to point B.

As you may have guessed, one-vehicle trailers are perfect for supercars, hypercars, antiques, and highly-prized autos. They also work great for expedited shipping and short-distance trips through the city. Typically, these carriers are open—but some customers prefer a closed single-vehicle trailer.

Single-Level, Multi-Car Trailers

Also called gooseneck or cramped trailers, single-level trailers can haul anywhere from two to six vehicles per trip. One-level, multi-car trailers come in various sizes, depending on how many vehicles need transportation. They’re larger than single-vehicle trailers but can still maneuver through busy streets and around tight corners.

Shipping carriers with one level use a single ramp to load the vehicles and park them securely. An open single-level, multi-car trailer can carry more cars than an enclosed one. However, enclosed carriers offer more protection and can still transport up to three cars (or eight motorcycles).

Multi-Level, Multi-Car Trailers

If you’ve ever driven on the interstate or high-speed main roads, you’ve probably seen a multi-level, multi-car transporter. These are standard trailers in the auto transportation industry and the default option for Florida auto transport services. It’s the cheapest, most efficient way to ship vehicles across hundreds of miles.

Trained operators can haul up to ten vehicles using a multi-level, multi-car trailer. That said, they aren’t practical for quick trips to and from areas with limited accessibility. These carriers follow highways and transfer vehicles between dealerships, auctions, terminals, and other locations that work in bulk.

Enclosed trailers have limited capacity compared to open trailers. Operators typically load between six and eight vehicles into an enclosed trailer using two ramps (one for both levels). Enclosed multi-level, multi-car trailers also have height restrictions, so vehicles like box trucks and pickups might be impossible to haul.

Heavy Equipment Trailers

Auto shipping companies will transport all kinds of cars using open and enclosed trailers, but what about heavy equipment like dump trucks and construction vehicles? These types of vehicles are too heavy for multi-car trailers and too oversized for enclosed carriers.

Transport companies remedy this situation with low-to-the-ground flatbed carriers. Since the trailer is low, operators can load each vehicle much more easily. It also means added stability to prevent tip-overs and shifts.

Transport Your Car with Auto Transport Professionals

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